Can foreigners temporary visiting Japan get automobile insurance for their car?

Foreigners temporary visiting Japan might be wondering if they can get automobile insurance coverage for their car.  Unfortunately, most insurance companies in Japan offer their services only in Japanese, and foreigners who do not speak the language well might find themselves at a loss in case of accidents and emergencies.  Fortunately, there are now insurance agencies that can offer you services in English, and it is not hard even for a foreigner visiting Japan temporary to get automobile insurance for their car.

There are mainly two types of insurance companies: online insurance companies, and in-store insurance companies.

Most online insurances have one-year contracts, and is not fit for foreigners visiting Japan for a short period of time, and have a chance of getting declined by insurance companies.  To add to this, as mentioned above, it will be extremely hard if you do not speak Japanese well, since all of the transactions will be via phone and emails, in Japanese.  In-store insurance companies might be a little more flexible, but again, insurance agencies specifically for the English speaking community in Japan will be your best bet.  If you have a spouse or a good friend who speaks good Japanese, getting help from them would also be an option.

As long as you can manage the language barrier, you can buy insurance for your car even with an international driver's permit, and even if your stay in Japan is short.

Please also note that the car insurance you have in your home country can not cover for your car in Japan.